Software Testing

Software Testing

Software Testing Methods

Software testing is a critical part of every software development process. This is where the defects of the software development are being spotted in order to be fixed before it is rolled out into the market for the public consumption. Having a rigid software testing process that you religiously follow is one of the keys of pushing your company forward.
Here are the different methods used to judge product behavior and performance.

  • Black box testing – Also called functional or specification-based testing, this method focuses on output. Testers aren’t concerned with the internal mechanisms. They only check the software does what it’s supposed to. Knowledge of coding isn’t necessary, and testers work at user interface level.
  • White box testing – This method uses coding know-how as part of the test procedure. When a product fails, testers go as deep into the code as necessary to find the cause. The software developers do this themselves since they determine how the product should work. Structure-based and glass box testing are other names for this method.
  • Static testing – Testers examine the software’s code and documentation but don’t execute the program. Static tests start early in the product’s development during the verification process.
  • Dynamic testing – The software is executed with various inputs, and testers compare outputs with expected behavior with this method.
  • GUI testing – This tests GUI characteristics — text formatting, text boxes, buttons, lists, layout, colors, fonts, font sizes, and so on. GUI testing is time-consuming, and third -party companies often take on the task instead of developers.
  • Alpha testing – Internal staff test the software at the developer’s site in a simulated or actual environment. After that, developers rectify bugs and other issues.
  • Beta testing – Known as field testing as well, the client tests the product on their own site in real conditions. The client may offer a group of end-users the opportunity to test the software via prerelease or beta versions. Feedback on possible improvements is then sent to the developer.
  • Acceptance testing – Also under the scope of black box testing, the client tests software to find out if the developer has created the program to desired specifications

Dynamic testing involves working with the software, input values are given and output values are checked with the expected output. Dynamic testing is the Validation part of Verification and Validation.

Some of the Dynamic Testing Techniques are given below:

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Acceptance Testing


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