University Automation Research & Consultancy

University Automation Research & Consultancy

At Pipilika Soft, through our 8 years experience of engaging educational clients since our inception, we have the big picture understanding and deep domain expertise to help educational institutions really gauge the state of their education systems, to know what they need to change and to invest their limited resources most effectively to produce the results they desire.

Our out-of-the-box and customized high tech software and hardware solutions are helping scores of Educational institutions like School, College and University – to overcome their educational and learning challenges and to drive innovation.

Our Research & Development team always busy to discover next generation high tech teaching materials and solution which can help education organization most to make a Institute fully Automated paperless and secured.

We assist them in addressing the following:

  • where they should deploy their resources
  • how to manage their information systems
  • what to prioritise to do within the funding available

If you are an educational institution/organization looking to do more with less, give us a shout or write to us at [email protected]