Administrative Module

Administrative Module


  • Student Management
    • New Student admission, Profile, Personal Info, Contact details, Parents Info, Education, Department
    • Payment Fees Manager, Registration Manager, Discipline Manager, Scholarship, Marks, Certificate, Grade Report, Transcript Manager, Attendance Report, Digital Document Management (SSC/HSC Mark-Sheet, Certificate, Testimonial), Automatic ID Card(RFID) Printing Tool
  • Program Managements
    • Manage k-12, Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate Degree. (E.g. JSC, HSC, BSc. In CSE, MSc in EEE, PhD and MBA etc.)
  • Semester/ Term /Session Management
    • Offer & Manage Semester, Huge settings for automation. E.g. Semester/ Exam/ Registration Start & End Date, Fees, Fine Date and many more
  • Grading Policy Management
    • Setup Multiple Grading Policy (E.g. Undergraduate X>=90 is ‘A+’, 80>X<90 is ‘A’ and Graduate X>=80 is ‘A+’, 70>X<80 is ‘A’ etc.)

  • Mark Distributions Management
    • Great options for pre-setup mark breakdown and calculation for automation of all courses. It defines how teacher should enter marks in the system and it auto creates mark input breakdown with proper settings. E.g. you can set for 3-credit course, total mark would be 300 and will Auto convert to 100%. Also you can set mark breakdown of 100% like 40% Final Exam, 20% Midterm, 15% Class Test (Best 3 will Auto Calculated among 4), 5% Attendance etc.
    • Dynamic pre-setup option for automatic mark breakdown of all courses.
      You can set total mark N(converted to 100%) for n credit course & can set breakdown as 40% final, 20% midterm, 15% class test (count best 3 among 4) and others.
  • Course & Curriculum Management
    • Setup Different Curriculum for Different Degree and Session
    • Define Department, Credit/Noncredit, Departmental/Non department, Theory/Lab/Project/Thesis/, Prerequisite Course and many more

Events & Gallery

iEMS Signing Ceremony With BAUST
A memorandum of understanding between Bangladesh Army University of Science & Technology
iEMS Signing Ceremony With BUHS
A memorandum of understanding between Bangladesh University Of Health Sciences(BUHS) and
iEMS Signing Ceremony With IUS
A memorandum of understanding between THE INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SCHOLARS (IUS) and
iEMS Signing Ceremony With EUB
A memorandum of understanding between European University of Bangladesh (EUB) and Pipilika
IEMS Signing Ceremony With Feni University
A memorandum of understanding between Feni University (FU) and Pipilika Soft for Univers
iEMS Signing Ceremony With SMUCT
A memorandum of understanding between Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology (S
Jahangirnagar University (JU) Central Admission Sy
A memorandum of understanding between Jahangirnagar University (JU) and Pipilika Soft fo
Inauguration Ceremony With BAUET
An inauguration ceremony Bangladesh Army University of Engineering & Technology (BAUET)