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Why you are here with SCHOLAR?

We have been working for a long period of time to digitalized the student education management system of any School, College and University and providing the best possible solution and efficient way to handle all the system from a single, easy “Controller”.

Do You Facing Below Problems to Manage your University?

  • Are you Investing time in data collection, management and excessive paperwork?
  • Are you Facing problem of huge capital investment for your multiple software?
  • Are you Unable to generate and analyze Comprehensive Report at various levels?
  • Are you Troubled by lack of Accountability & Transparency?
  • Are you facing problem by management in consolidated data across programs?
  • Are you investing much time or manpower for work, due to manual or old system?
  • Do you Want to evaluate Students, Faculty & Staffs performance?
  • Do you Want single platform of communication for students, faculties, staffs and management?
  • Do you Wish to have efficient and effective resource management?
  • Do you Want a scalable & reliable platform for activities across department?
  • Do you Want to manage your institution efficiently and smoothly?
  • Do you want to digitalize your university?
  • Finding it difficult to manage various database for different department?

We have Solution for Your Versity:

SCHOLAR is the complete enterprise student education management solution for school, colleges, polytechnic & universities looking to automate their student’s Academic and Administrative processes.This comprehensive suite streamlines complete student life cycle from inquiry to Graduation as well as administrative processes such as Inventory, Hostel, Library, Human Resources etc.
SCHOLAR is the latest generation university automation system that combines the application expertise of many years. It provides all the features to execute wide range of Academic, Student, Administrative, Security, Services and maintain all from a single database. The interface is simple to use and more friendly.The system is based on enterprise web portal technology for the realization of presentation tier and web services for interconnection between middle tiers. The implementation is flexible and scalable, by means of using open and popular technologies for enterprise application development and integration. The important feature of the SCHOLAR is spreading the work of applications for distributed automation over large distances which comprises of many campuses and centers.

  • Its a Online Central management system for all of your different Department.
  • Role Based permission and IP/PC based user access applied for control and monitor separate working area
  • Modern standard  Data security applied for all kind vulnerability, Hacking and Data Loss.
  • The product is robust & scalable for as many User, Disk space and processing unit as your organization’s need.


  • Student Portal
  • Guardian Portal
  • Faculty Portal
  • Class Schedule
  • Class Attendance
  • Mark Breakdown
  • Import Data from Excel
  • Automatic Result Processing
  • Class Material Upload
  • Class Notice
  • Class Routine Generate
  • Exam Management
  • Online Application
  • Online Assignment Upload
  • Any Type Of Report Generate
  • Security & Maintained Module
  • Tabulation Sheet Generate
  • Id Card Generate
  • Email/ SMS Notification
  • Course Advising

  • Online Course Registration
  • Automatic Tuition Fee Calculate
  • Payslip Generate
  • Online Payment
  • HR & Inventory Portal
  • Employee Management
  • Salary Generate
  • Accounts Module
  • Payment Collection
  • Document Management
  • Library Management
  • Procurement, Alumni & Hostel Management

Events & Gallery

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